Flame Detector
The Flame Detector detects an initial state of fire, by analyzing sensory inputs from Ultraviolet & Infrared light sources with flickering effect.


Cabinet Type Fire Extinguishing Systems

Cabinet type fire extinguishing systems is an automatic CO2 system extinguishing a fire in an early state of fire for plant and equipment such as Semiconductor, LCD/FPD equipment and machine tools.


Test Equipment
The Flame detector tester is a portable device, proper to use in hazardous areas without the needs of an actual fire.


Flame Detector

    • RFD-6X
    • RFD-5X
    • RFD-3000X
    • RFD-2000X
    • RFD-2000X-H
    • RFD-3000
    • RFD-2000
    • RFD-3FT
    • RFD-3T
    • RFD-2FTN
    • RFD-2TN
    • RFD-2FT5-I
    • RFD-UVS
    • RFD-UVS-B
    • RFD-IR

Cabinet Type Fire Extinguishing Systems & Test Equipment

    • TL205
    • TL305
    • TL3000
    • FS-20
    • FS-10
    • RS-AES-07
    • RS-AES-07S
    • RS-AES-23
    • RS-AES-45

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